Will it help my mileage?
YES!! Our product is very capable of going beyond Diesel replacement. Many times we have achieved “over all fuel reduction”. A typical over the road truck saves up to $10,000.00 per year based on miles driven. The product has shown an ROI in as little as 3 months.

Will my engine have to be modified?
No, our patented technology has been designed to allow for retrofit of diesel engines without the need to change or modify the OEM fuel management system. The Control Pac and separately purchased, related parts are easy to install and have no impact on the engine’s functionality. The Controller is non-intrusive and stands alone. The Controller merely listens to the signals from the OEM CAN bus thus insuring that nothing will interfere with the engine's original fuel management/delivery system. No changes are made to any of the manufacturer's perimeters to cause drive ability issues or down time.

What makes the product work so well?
Introducing an alternative fuel to the Diesel Combustion process accelerates the Diesel “flame front”. This helps to reduce the time that this initial extremely hot burn resides in a small area. It helps to spread it out quicker over the cooler areas of the combustion chamber for a more efficient burn.

What effect will an Alternative Fuel System have on engine durability?
Generally speaking, operating with alternative fuels has no negative effects on engine wear rates and durability. Because engine thermal loads are equivalent to 100% diesel operation, no excess wear of engine components occur. In fact, the opposite is true and proven by oil analysis. In addition, many users of gaseous fuels have reported positive benefits relative to engine wear including extended oil change intervals and extended time between overhauls. This is primarily the result of the cleaner burning characteristics of natural gas and propane compared to diesel fuel.

Does it increase EGT Temperatures?
One of the many jobs of the Controller is to reduce EGT not increase it. It does this job well through the power band. This accounts for the reduction in NOX emissions.

Will alternative fuels affect my engine warranty?
Most OEM engine warranty programs do not prohibit the use of aftermarket parts or technologies. In brief, the policy of most OEM's is that they neither recommend nor endorse aftermarket technologies; however, the use of these products does not automatically void the validity of the engine warranty. If the cause of a failure is unrelated to the systems operation, the OEM's have historically honored the warranty and repaired the engine. Additionally, any components manufactured by American Diesel Systems that fail within the warranty period will be covered under the warranty policy. Major engine manufacturers have stated the above or similar in writing to us.

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