The Diesel Magnum


Lower Your Diesel Fuel Costs With The Diesel Magnum!
The Diesel Magnum is a “state of the art” Propane (LPG) or Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) fumigation technology for Diesel engines. The Diesel Magnum dispenses a metered, controlled amount of LPG/CNG vapor into the fresh air intake of the engine. LPG/CNG introduced into the engine’s intake air significantly increases the combustion efficiency by accelerating the “flame front” of each injected diesel fuel charge. As the efficiency of the engine increases, with the proper amount of LPG/CNG, less diesel fuel is required to do the same amount of work.

How It Works

The DM Tech II Controller is a remarkable product capable of learning the Diesel Fuel consumption of any Computer Controlled Diesel Engine. The Controller collects the data in a network of thousands of cells. These cells represent specific points of operation including load, rpm, and fuel demand to name a few. Each cell is learned thousands of times and averaged to achieve a very accurate picture of the Diesel Fuel Consumption, through the entire power curve of the engine. The Controller uses this data to build three dimensional tables, capable of introducing the perfect amount of alternative fuel to achieve the best results in terms of fuel savings. The Controller also compensates for different types of fuel (CNG / LPG), pressure of the fuel delivered and temperature of the fuel delivered.

That’s not all; the Controller performs a series of tests prior to learning or injecting, including leak checks, flow tests of the injectors used and engine parameters. The Controller monitors many different OEM engine parameters through CAN bus as well as every component connected to it. Once the Alternative Fuel is introduced to the combustion process, it accelerates the flame front of the Diesel Fuel producing a better overall burn. This cooler and more stable combustion results in better fuel economy, less harmful emissions and a safe increase in power!

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          *Not for sale in the state of California