Product Timeline

Product Timeline

January 2002

The Diesel Magnum idea and concept begins with inventor Jeffrey R. Bach

August 2002

Applications for funding filed and research and development begins and continues through the end of the year.

January 2003

Research and development continues with customers supplying vehicles for testing. Many different approaches are prototyped and tested through the year.

March 2004

After years of design work and testing, a professional Electronics design company is engaged and contracted to develop the first prototype of the eventual Diesel Magnum production units.

April 2004

The patent process of the Diesel Magnum, Jeffrey R. Bach’s invention begins by engaging a Chicago Law firm to handle the filings.

February 2005: Patent Attorneys complete patent search and recommend filing for a US patent.

April 2005

Patent officially filed for.

July 2005

Extensive testing of Diesel Magnum prototype units begins and continues through the end of the year on live engine platforms.


March 2006

US patent office NOTICE of ALLOWANCE received.

June 2006

First production run of the Diesel Magnum is started with an order for PCB assemblies.

July 2006

Heavy Duty enclosure design is finalized and approved for production.

September 2006

First US Patent for the Diesel Magnum is issued.

November 2006

Improvements added to diesel magnum including “startup delay”.

December 2006

By the end of the year the Diesel Magnum is successfully marketed and sold in three countries showing fuel cost savings as high as 30%.

January 2007:

A new version of the Diesel Magnum is introduced dubbed “the mini”. This design change was for smaller vehicles where under hood space was at a premium. The Heavy Duty enclosed version called “the round thing”, “the tub” or “the pod” remained in production as well.

February 2007

Jeffrey Bach determines a new approach is needed to the already successful product and begins inventing and designing yet another unique product.

May 2007

A top Florida Patent law Firm is engaged to handle Mr. Bach’s latest invention for the technology.

November 2007

A provisional patent is filed with the US Patent office entitled “Super cooled air Induction System for Internal Combustion Engines.

December 2007

The Diesel Magnum remains one of the top selling products of its kind, exceeding a thousand units sold with a distribution presence in over ten different countries.

January 2008

Research and development begins on the new technology commonly referred to as Diesel Magnum Tech II.

May 2008

Independent study performed at the University of Madrid, Spain revealing substantial reductions in particulate and NOx emissions while also reducing fuel consumption with the first generation Diesel Magnum.

September 2008

S.A.E. J1321 fuel consumption testing was conducted to determine the benefit of “propane fumigation”. Testing was sponsored by Ford Motor Company and conducted by Georgia Tech revealing a 16.25% fuel cost savings on the truck equipped with the Diesel Magnum First Generation.

November 2008

After extensive engineering, testing and design work the Utility Patent is filed for with the US Patent office for Tech II.


January 2009:

Generation 3 of the Diesel Magnum called “the E Series” is designed and produced. This version provided an ease of installation and was more economically priced.

July 2009

Updates are deemed necessary to the product including control of the alternative fuel on “deceleration”. The fourth generation of the product is designed and manufactured, referred to as “E series Tech 1.5”.

October 2009

A new Design company is engaged to begin development of the fifth generation of the Diesel Magnum, referred to as “Tech II”. June 2010: First production run of the new PCB for the Diesel Magnum Tech II is initiated. All hardware design is completed.

November 2010

Second Patent issued by US Patent office for Mr. Bach’s invention commonly referred to as “Tech II”. International patents filed for and issued by many other countries as well including Australia, Canada, China, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand and Europe!

March 2011

The Diesel Magnum Tech 1.5 remains the top selling and best performing technology of its kind. Behind the scenes work continues on the fifth generation Tech II project. Dynamometer testing begins and moves at a rapid pace.

June 2011 Tech II prototypes are tested and verified.

September 2011 Tech II production units are successfully tested on live vehicles.

March 2012

The completed, tested and proven Diesel magnum Tech II is officially marketed globally on the American Diesel Systems web site.

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