Reduce Your Fuel Costs

The high price of diesel fuel affects everyone. Many of the vehicles we use for transportation including buses, trains, boats, freight trucks, and farming and construction equipment are powered by Diesel Engines. Diesel fuel is used to transport food and the many conveniences we produce, sell, and buy. Every product we purchase could be subject to fuel surtax on cost. The unstable situations in oil producing countries and an increased demand for crude oil, have created the perfect storm with escalating prices at the Diesel pump, putting your company's profits and competitiveness at risk.

Tired of watching your bottom line fall month after month because of rising fuel costs. Who is to blame? Is it the government, oil companies, speculators or unstable oil producing nations? The blame could rest with you and your company if you chose to do nothing and pay the price! Take control today, by investing in an alternative fuel technology second to none! By taking advantage of record low prices on abundant alternative fuels, you could save thousands, maybe millions of dollars per year!


The Solution

The Diesel Magnum!

The Diesel Magnum is a game-changing alternative fuel technology that replaces a portion of the Diesel Fuel normally consumed by a Diesel Engine with clean burning, less expensive, alternative fuels. By introducing the perfect amount of the substituting fuel through the entire power band of the engine, drastic improvements in performance, are realized. This product leaves all OEM systems intact and fully functional as intended by the original manufacturer. With many industry firsts such as automatic leak checks, flow tests, pressure and temperature compensation, auto learn and auto calibration to name a few, you can be assured that your engine will function safely as the OEM intended.

This revolutionary product can be used in almost any diesel engine including agricultural equipment, construction vehicles, light and heavy duty trucks, motor homes, passenger cars, public transportation vehicles, generators and an array of standalone engines.

Don't let the unpredictability of Diesel prices dictate your bottom line. Take control today and purchase the Diesel Magnum online and start saving money by using alternative fuels!

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          *Not for sale in the state of California